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The 3.5mm connection fits most new model
touch screen mobile phones including:
Galaxy S2 etc.


Greg Cornelsen
Founder, Mobile Handsets.

In 1999 I used a mobile phone for the first time. I borrowed it for a two week period whilst travelling. At most I used it 6 times a day. After a few days I noticed a feeling of discomfort around my left ear (the ear I used for phone calls). After using the mobile phone for a few more days the discomfort increased. My ear became warm and irritated and there seemed to be no other explanation than an unfortunate reaction to the use of the mobile phone. I switched to my right ear to receive calls and my left ear felt alright again. However even now, if I inadvertently use my left ear to receive calls with a mobile phone, the soreness returns. I have consulted medical experts but no one has been able to explain this curious phenomenon.

There’s no doubt in my mind that mobile phones may cause health issues for some users. There is a PERCEPTION at least by many, who believe the use of mobile phones will cause health issues in the future. As far as I know, there is no conclusive proof to show the use of mobile phones can be injurious to health. However, many neurologists and medical professionals believe it is possible the use of mobile phones could contribute to the development of brain tumours and other serious health issues. As they say, "the jury is still out".

These days, thanks to Mobile Handsets, I use my mobile phone with MUCH more confidence and peace. This wonderful, simple invention has made a huge difference to the way I keep in touch with friends and do business. Like many I only make phone calls with a mobile phone. It is important to me that I make the calls with no concerns about radiation and the effects it may cause. I use my handset at home, work and when walking the dog (much to the amusement of many).

I first saw a mobile handset in early 2011 and was very impressed with the product. I immediately purchased one over the Internet from a reputable US-based company. I found out all mobile handsets are manufactured in China, and from the samples I received I found that it’s quite common that they either don’t work at all or fail after short periods of time. It took me many months to source a manufacturer which consistently supplied quality handsets.

Many informed parents give their children a mobile phone for use only in an emergency. Many parents don’t want their children to use mobile phones regularly because of concern about possible radiation damage to the developing brain. A mobile handset from Mobile Handsets reduces mobile phone radiation by at least 97%. Parents should be reassured there is a safer way for children to use a mobile phone!

We specialise in the sale of mobile handsets. We do not offer any other products. I can guarantee the service and quality of our product is second to none.

Mobile Handsets

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I would like to congratulate you on your product quality, delivery punctuality and functionality. I have purchased in excess of 10 of your handsets now and give them to clients and family who have ordered more themselves. The clarity is brilliant and the smooth feel of the handpiece a pleasant surprise. Congratulations on a terrific product. I will certainly be recommending it to others.
Stuart Campbell. Highgate Hill. Brisbane. Australia.

At a BBQ I took a call on my new iphone handset. Expect orders from my friends as they loved the retro styling and clarity of sound. Colours are brilliant (mines pink) and so comfortable to use. Thanks for a great product.
Vanessa Hansen. Ascott. Brisbane. Australia.

Thank you for your product. I have purchased one of each colour for my whole family. It takes away any concern I have with radiation for us all. The quality is excellent and I will be recommending you to my friends.
Anthony Trpkoski. Pinkenba. Brisbane. Australia.

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